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But For a Moment

but for a moment

But For a Moment
(Rip Uncle Steve)

But for a moment
Eyes flutter, the light beams enter
Wind rushes in
Whips us up into its fury

But for a moment
Peals of laughter echo in the corridors
Rainbows burst out
Full of magical illusion

But for a moment
Screams shatter into a vortex of pain
Thunder roars in bad temper
Afflicting for its demented pleasure

But for a moment
Starless nights swallow up beauty
Shadows play carelessly
with terror and loneliness

But for a moment
Throbbing, insatiable yearning
Dawn uncovers her fragrant garden
Soul touches soul, swirling into one

But for a moment
Time ticks by seconds
Daylight hides secret sins
Memory serves our delusions

But for a moment
Eyes flutter, and light beams dim
Soft breezes quietly pass
vanishing into a timeless sea

But for a moment
Despair bows her head
The sun drops from the skies
And teardrops fall into the river of moments

Written by Elizabeth Van Cleve

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The Name I Love


Written for my husband…

The Name I Love


The name I call out to when I have a need, or when I am scared

The face I search for in a crowd

The voice I listen for and know among many

The one I trust above all else

The arms I snuggle in when I am cold

The shoulder I lean on when I cry

The eyes I draw encouragement from

The strength that gives me a sense of security


The name I fell in love with

The face I could never forget

The voice that tells me, “I love you.”

The body I passionately merge with

The hand I hold onto

The one who holds me tight in his arms

The eyes that see into my soul

The name most oft upon my lips

My lover! My best friend! My soul mate!

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calm sea

“Then he (Jesus) arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm . . . “

Why are ye so fearful,
oh ye of little faith?
Jesus flies upon the winds
and walks upon the seas;
He lifts the broken from the shards,
brings the pompous to their knees.

Why are ye so fearful,
oh ye of little faith?
Jesus passes through the fires,
and tromps on serpents heads;
The meek he strengthens by his power;
The proud he fills with dread.

Why are ye so fearful,
Oh ye of little faith?
Jesus has all power o’er all
and for all of eternity
So do  not fear little flock of God
What man can do to thee.

Written by Elizabeth A Van Cleve

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